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21 Medical Information
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21-1 Emergency medical service

Emergency medical service is divided into three stages: primary emergency medical care for patients in mild conditions for whom ambulatory treatment is required; secondary emergency medical care for patients in severe conditions for whom hospital treatment is required, and tertiary emergency medical care for patients in very serious conditions.

(1) Primary emergency medical care

(A) Holiday & emergencey clinic
Higashi Iruma Medical Association hall
  • Address : 3-1-20, Komabayashi-motocho, Fujimiho-shi
  • Phone : tel.049-264-9592
  • Open day : Sunday, national holidays, and December 31 through January 3
  • Reception hours : 9:00〜12:00 13:00〜16:00 19:00〜21:00
  • Internal medicine and pediatrics are available.
※For details, please refer to the website of Higashi Iruma Medical Association (in Japanese only).

(B) Pediatric overtime emergency clinic
Higashi-Iruma Medical Association hall
  • Address : 3-1-20, Komahayashi-motocho, Fujimiho-shi
  • Phone : tel.049-264-9592
※Currently, the pediatric overtime emergency clinic is closed. For details, refer to the homepage of the Higashi Iruma Medical Association (Japanese notation only).

※Refer to the home page of the Higashi Iruma Medical Association (Japanese notation only) for on-duty doctor at tome. (Surgery/ Obstetrics and Gynecology)

(C)Designated emergency hospitals in Fujimi-shi
  • Imusu Fujimi General Hospital : tel.049-251-3060
  • Mizuhodai Hospital : tel.049-252-5121
  • Miura Hospital : tel.049-254-7111
  • Kurihara Hospital : tel.049-255-3700
  • Sakura Kinen Hospital tel.049-253-3811
(D) Designated emergency hospitals in Fujimino-shi
  • Kamifukuoka general hospital : tel.049-266-0111
  • Miyoshino No.2 hospital : tel.049-261-0502
  • Fuke hospital : tel.049-264-8811
(E) Designated emergency hospitals in Miyoshi-machi
  • Imusu Miyoshi general hospital : tel.049-258-2323
  • Miyoshino hospital : tel.049-259-3333
  • Fujimino Kyukyu Byoin:tel.049-274-7666

(2) Secondary emergency medical care

Designated emergency hospitals in Kawagoe district take charge of secondary emergency medical care by rotation.

(3) Tertiary emergency medical care

Saitama Prefecture has eight tertiary emergency hospitals. The nearest one is the Saitama Medical Center attached to Saitama Medical University: tel.049-228-3595.

  • Fujimi-shi Kenkou Zoushin Center : tel.049-252-3771
  • Fujimino-shi Hoken Center Kenkou Suishin-kakari : tel.049-264-8292
  • Miyoshi-machi Kenkou Zoushin-ka Kenko Suishin tanto : tel.049-258-0019
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21-2 Information Center

(1) Saitama emergency telephone consultation (#7199), AI emergency consultation

In case of sudden disease or injure, nurses will consult on the phone in Japanese, for how to deal with at home and to see a doctor if necessary (Excluding psychiatrist and dentist).

(2)AMDA International Medical Information Center

AMDA provides telephone consultations, such as introductions to medical institutions that understand foreign languages and information on medical welfare systems.
  • Contact :
    • (Medical consultation)tel. 03-6233-9266
    • (Medical interpreter) tel. 050-3405-0397
  • Date and time :
    • (Medical interpreter) From Monday to Friday 10:00 to 16:00
    • (Medical interpreter) From Monday to Friday 10:00 to 15:00
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