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19 Health checkups for adults

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  City or town hall has also health care ( promoting) programs providing adults with health checkups. Fujimino-shi and Miyoshi-machi prepare annual health caring calendar and distribute every household in March to April every year. In Fujimi-shi , monthly schedule of health care program appears in City bulletin gKoho Fujimih May ,2017
You can get the calendar or city bulletin at public health center, city or town hall, or its branches.
 As your own expenses for checkups are different in city or town, please contact the section in charge.

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19-1 Individual health and medical examination
  Take the health checkup at the medical institution of the local area within the implementation period.
For details please inquire to the section in charge of each city hall.
(1)Lung cancer and colon cancer checkup: 40 years or older
(2)Gastric cancer checkup (Endoscopy checkup): 50 years or older (Specified by the birth month for each fiscal year)
(3)Cervical carcinoma checkup: Women of 20 years or older (Specified by the birth month for each fiscal year)
(4)Breast cancer screening (individual): Free coupon for target people
(5)Gastric cancerrisk check-upiABCD test): For those who are 41 years old within this fiscal year.
(6) Adult dental checkup ( periodontal prevention check-up)FEligible age of adult is different in cities or town.
  As to@Hepatits virus checkup, please contact  city hall (town hall)
Free coupons for breast, cervical and colon cancer checkups.
City hall (town hall) sends free checkup coupons to citizens eligible for this program.
Please refer to enclosed notice.

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19-2 Group health and medical examination
  In every city and town, stomach cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer checkups are included. Please contact the section in charge.
Fujimi-shi Kenko Zoshin CenterFtel.049-252-3771
Fujimino-shi Hoken CenterFtel.049-262-9040
Miyoshi-machi Kenkou Zoushin-ka Kenkou Sien-tantoF tel.049-258-0019

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