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11-1 Eligibility for Employment
 Foreign nationals can only work in Japan if their status of residence permits it. And all statuses of residence limit the field of employment which one can work.
In respect to Permanent Resident, Spouse of a Japanese National, Spouse of a Permanent Resident, and Long Term Resident (Indo-Chinese refugees accepted for settlement, so-called third generation Japanese, etc.), there is no particular limitation on activities from Immigration control Act and they can work in all field.
You cannot work in Japa
n if your status of residence is one of the following: Cultural Activities, Temporary Visitor, University Student, Pre-college Student, Trainee, or Dependent.

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11-2 Public Employment Security Offices (Hello Work) 

  Public Employment Security Offices (Hello Work)
Public Employment Security Offices (Hello Work)provide many services for foreign residents whose resident statuses permit them to work. Hello Work provides job placements, occupational guidance, unemployment insurance benefits, and introductions to public occupational training programs. Please go to your nearest Public Employment Security Office to apply for employment or to obtain further details.

œFujimino-shi Furusato Hello WorkFtel.049-266-0200
œHello Work KawagoeFtel.049-242-0197
œHello Work TokorozawaFtel.04-2992-8609

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