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4-1 Renting
(1) Private housing
In general, total current expenditure for renting, including rent and other expenses such as sharing cost, payment for parking lot and utilities cost, shall be less than one third of your income. You will also need a guarantor. When looking for a place to rent, consult a real estate agency in the area you want to live in. You are recommended to visit with a Japanese person to prevent any problem due to misunderstanding.
(A) Preliminary visit
Before renting, you are recommended to visit the house for inspection. You should check noise, sunshine, space, distance to the station, circumstance near the house, safety at night, utilities services and so on.

(B) Required item for lease
Your certified copy of the resident registration, income certificate, a letter of guarantee by your guarantor, and seal registration certificate are required for lease.

(C) Money required when signing lease
You will have to pay about 6 month's rent consisting of one month's rent (yachin), one or two months' rent of key money (reikin), and two to three month's rent of deposit (shiki-kin). Moving cost for one room ranges from fifty to one hundred thousand yen.

(2) Real-estate agents supporting foreign residentsf renting
Saitama prefectural government presents a list of registered real-estate agents giving information and advices to the foreign resident who is looking for a house.
Here is the list of real-estate agents supporting foreign residentsf renting.
  The registered real-estate agents in this area are three as followsG
Marushin Jyuchi Ltd. F 1-5-15, Kasumigaoka, Fujimino-shi,
tel. 049-261-2888, fax. 049-266-5718   
Koshikihausing F 2-5-6, Nishimizuhodai, Fujimishi
tel.049-252-1237, fax. 049-254-2661
Co, LtdF 2612-7, Oaza Tsuruma, Fujimishi.
 tel.049-251-3336, fax.049-251-4651

(3) Public housing (prefecture housing)
Applicants must currently live or work in the Saitama prefecture, whose total household income must be a specified limits. Applicants must be experiencing difficulty in finding housing. Application shall be from the first to 21st of January, April, July, and December. An application form is available at city or town hall and its branch offices.
Sumai soudan plazaFtel.048-658-3017
Fujimi-shi Kenchikushido-kaFtel.049-251-2711
Fujimino-shi Kenchiku-ka F tel.049-262-9043
Miyoshi-machi Toshikeikaku-kaFtel.049-258-0019

(4jFujimino municipal housing (filling in a vacant house)
Status of residence of applicants must be permanent resident. In addition applicants must currently living in Fujimino-shi, whose total household income must be a specified limit. Applicants must be experiencing difficulty in finding housing.
Fujimino-shi Kenchiku-ka F tel.049-262-9043

(5) Fujimi municipal housing (filling a vacant house)
Applicants must currently live in the Fujimi-shi, whose total household income must be a specified limit. Applicants must be experiencing difficulty in finding housing.
Application shall be once in September
Fujimi-shi Kenchikushido-kaFtel.049-251-2711ian extension 418j

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4-2 Housing fund for business person
 Fujimino-shi and Miyoshimachi have set up  joint loan system with Irumano agricultural corporative and central labor financial bank for those acquiring a private house.
(A) Maximum loan limits

@For those who have a security for the loan: maximum 12million yen (Fujimino-shi), 10 million yen (Miyoshi-machi).
@For those who donft have a security for the loan: maximum 3 million yen (Fujimino-shi), 5 million yen (Miyoshi-machi).
(B) Interest rate of loan
 Interest rate is variable and changes dependent on financial sector, loan type with or without security.
(C) Refund periods
@Refund period varies dependent on the amount of loan. 10 to 30 years for loan with security and 10 years or less for loan without security(Fujimino-shi).and 15 years or less for loan without security(MIyoshi-machi).
(D) Repayment
@You can pay at a monthly fixed rate (equal to combined principal and interest divided by total months). And half-annual payment may be added to it monthly.@
Fujimino-shi Sangyoshinko-ka Shokorosei-kakariF

Miyoshi-machi Kankosangyo-ka Shokokanko-tantoF

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