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6 Disposal of Garbage

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Disposal system of garbage is a little different in each city and town. Description here is that of  Fujimi-shi for the most part. More details, please refer to homepage of each municipality(Fujimi-shi, Fujimino-shi  or Miyoshi-machi)
Please pay attention to the followings:
Correct sorting out, disposal of garbage and collecting days are set for individual area. Put out your garbage in a clear or translucent bag at the fixed pick up point by 8:30 in Fujimi-shi, 8:00 in Fujimino-shi and Miyoshi-machi on designated collection day.
Household garbage is not collected and left at garbage collection site, if it is not sorting out correctly nor putting out at designated time. Please keep the rule.
Taking away of recyclable garbage from garbage collection site is forbidden

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6-1 Sorting-out of garbage - combustible garbage
  Kitchen garbage, rubber, wood chips, branch cuts, paper diapers (waste should be flushed to the toilet). Kitchen garbage should be drained well.

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6-2 Sorting-out of garbage - recyclable plastics
  Recycle plastics for packaging of foods and daily necessities are collected for recycling.
Fujimi-city:Put into the green net
Put into the Trash bags

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6-3 Sorting-out of garbage - non-combustible garbage
  Non-combustible things are ceramic items, glass, cups and mirrors, CD cassettes, aluminum foils, and small electric appliances.

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6-4 Sorting-out of garbage - hazardous garbage
  Lighters, mercury thermometers, mercury clinical thermometers, dry batteries, etc.
Put the fluorescent tube and bulb in the case that came at the time of purchase or leave it as it is next to the bottle basket. In Fujimino-shi and Miyoshi-machi, put harmful garbage in a bag which you can check the contents and write it out as gDangeroush.

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6-5 Sorting-out of garbage - recyclable items
  Newspapers and flyers, magazines and books, cardboard and paper packs, other papers and cloths, should be tied with a string. Cans, bottles, hazardous waste, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, PET bottles, etc. For plastic bottles and bottles, remove the lid. (Dispose of the metal lid as non-burnable garbage and the plastic lid as resource plastic.) PET bottles, cans, bottles, and hazardous garbage should be placed in special containers. At Fujimino-shi and Miyoshi-machi, plastic bottles and drink cans are put in a dedicated net.

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6-6 Sorting-out of garbage - large-sized garbage
  These are household furniture, electric appliances (except four items designated by the home appliance recycling law and personal computer), futon, bicycles, video decks, gas ranges with two burners, and so on.
Collections of large-sized garbage are made individually. Call to make an appointment for disposal (It takes 2 to 3 weeks usually to collect garbage.) They are charged. In Fujimino-shi and Miyoshi-machi, part of the following items are charged so please apply by telephone. Other oversized garbage is free. Please send it to the garbage collection point on the applicable day.
(Charged items in Fujimino-shi and Miyoshi-machi: Mattress with spring, folding bed, massage chair, seating chair, sofa, organ, electronic piano, health equipment with electric motor, car carrier box, bicycle, tatami)

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6-7 Items not to be collected by the city or town
  Following garbage cannot be collected at the garbage collection point. Those items are such as tires, bathtubs, fire extinguishers, motorcycles and blocks. Also, followings cannot be collected in the two cities and the town due to the Home Appliance Recycling Law, such as refrigerators/freezers, air conditioners, air conditioner outdoor units, televisions (CRT, plasma, liquid crystal), washing machines/clothes dryers, and personal computers. Please refer to the following department in charge when a lot of garbage comes out by moving. In Fujimino-shi and Miyoshi-machi, fire extinguishers and batteries can no longer be collected from FY 2016. Please ask your dealer to pick up.
Fujimi-shi Kankyo-kaFtel.049-251-2711 (extension 246,247,248)
Fujimino-shi Kankyo-ka Haikibutsu Taisaku-kakariFtel.049-262-9022 (direct line)
Miyoshi-machi Kankyo-ka Kankyo Taisaku-tantoFtel.049-258-0019 (extension 216,217)

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